Warning : These compounds are pre-cursors to actual testosterone and other anabolic (growth promoting) hormones. If you're part of an organization or league that tests for performance enhancing drugs some pro-hormones will cause a positive result, please consult with your team physician or testing agency before using any of these compounds.

Welcome to www.RealProHormones.com the only site on the internet selling Ultra Pure and Lab Tested Original Pro-Hormone Compounds. Remember the days of Superdrol, 1-AD, Tren, pheraplex, Epistane and Havoc! Well, there back and these compounds are guaranteed to add slabs of lean, hard and vascular tissue in half the time it would take with training and nutrition alone. We know you’re training hard and we know you’re looking for the best damn edge possible, that’s why we’ve gone out of our way to source and find the best pro-hormone products on the planet. If we’ve got it on the site then you know it’s for real! Don’t get fooled by the new imitation pro-hormones found at your local GNC or Nutrition Store, the products you find here won’t be found on shelves. Why? Because they work, plain and simple!

One 6 week cycle of any of our anabolic compounds is guaranteed to get you thicker, harder and leaner than you’ve ever been in your entire life.



  • Mass Suspension

    Mass Suspension


    Buy One Get One 1/2 Off!

    Supplement Facts

    Mass Suspension is one of the newest products in our line. Quite simply there is absolutely nothing quite as strong as Mass Suspension for building lean, hard hulking size..If your goal is a to get huge, build raw muscle tissue, strength and mass then look no further. Our initial trial runs with Mass Suspension resulted in guys gaining close to 20lbs in just 3 weeks.. This stuff is for real! It works Guaranteed and will pack slabs of dense muscle onto your frame in as little as 3 weeks. One bottle delivers a 6 week cycle in a suspended base that increases absorption and delivery in a way never before experienced. We highly recommend that Livershield is used in conjunction with this product. Mass Suspension can be combined with any other product in the line. Mass, Power, Strength and Size are Guaranteed!

  • TetraLean Suspension

    TetraLean Suspension


    Buy One Get One 1/2 Off!

    Supplement Facts

    TetraLean is a new product in the RealProHormone line that combines hardening and drying properties with the ability to pack on lean vascular muscle tissue. The users of TetraLean will not only burn serious amounts of fat but will also experience a lean and harder physique that maintains a full and pumped appearance throughout the day. Muscular fullness and roundness will be seen but without the extra "water weight" that can make a physique look sloppy. Users from our initial batch have experienced powerful effects in muscular density and body composition change. Because the "Liquid ProHormone Suspension" is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, effects can be seen quite rapidly. TetraLean is Guaranteed to change your body and give you the lean, hard physique that is most associated with Physique Modeling, the CrossFit Look and just the general "Ripped Hard" look. Each bottle is a 6 week cycle and it can be stacked with other products on the site. Lean, Hard, Dry and Dense Muscle Tissue are Guaranteed!

  • Testojet 300 - Base Compound

    Testojet 300 - Base Compound


    Supplement Facts

    With this base compound which includes over 300mg. of active pro-hormones per daily serving you will literally see and feel results in as little as 3 days. The TestoJet Mix was designed to give users maximum size, strength and power in as little as 7 days. Users will notice extreme pumps, incredible lean weight gain and an overall increase in strength, libido and muscular endurance. This is what is referred to as a base compound, meaning it should be the base of any pro-hormone stack. This is 100% guaranteed to put serious size and muscle tissue on anybody and it would be advised to use this for a period of 4-8 weeks followed by at least 4 weeks of Post Cycle Therapy.

    Note: Each bottle of Testojet 300 will supply a 4 week cycle.)

  • Epistane 4C - Base Compound

    Epistane 4C - Base Compound


    Supplement Facts

    Epistane 4C is the compound of choice for guys who have built a substantial amount of size or are happy with their current muscle mass. Epistane 4C acts as a muscle hardener and has the dual capability of not only hardening lean muscle tissue but also giving the body a dry and dense look. This look creates the “illusion” of size through shirts and is creates an extremely impressive and defined physique that can be appreciated when the shirt comes off! This product is very popular among male physique competitors, mma athletes, and cross fit athletes who wish to hold on to muscle when dieting and training and also create a leaner and more main-stream look. If your goal is to pull down and dry out your midsection and body then a 6 week cycle of Epistane 4C will do the job GUARANTEED! Take Epistane 4C for 4-8 weeks followed by 6 weeks of PCT for best results.

    (Note: Each bottle of Epistane 4C will supply a 4 week cycle.)

  • Testobolan - Single Compound

    Testobolan - Single Compound


    Supplement Facts

    Moderate Tissue Gain, Zero Water Retention,Functional Size, and Overall enhanced look.

    Testobolan is probably best used as a “Biginners Compound” this product will give a noticeable effect in terms of lean muscle tissue and fat loss but not at a rate that will be extremely obvious or will cause problems with function and mobility. This is a great compound for extreme athletes, fighters, and any athlete which needs functional strength and can't afford to get massive or bulky. Testobolan offers the user lean tissue strength, muscularity and muscle hardening but will not create big and bulky tissue that may inhibit some sports. This is a very clean compound that can be used as first time pro-hormone preparation and will give the user a nice lean athletic look. We recommend using Testobolan for 4-8 weeks followed by 8 weeks of PCT Therapy.

    (Note: Each bottle of Testobolan will supply a 4 week cycle)

  • Tren Extreme - Single Compound

    Tren Extreme - Single Compound


    Supplement Facts

    Extreme Fat Loss, Tissue Hardening, and Vascularity

    Tren Extreme is truly regarded as one of the most powerful synthetic prohormone formulas ever designed. The actual anabolic which Tren Extreme converts to is trenbolone, one of the most highly regarded formulas for increasing strength, power and size.Its effect on visual conditioning has no rival and results are seen in only 3-4 days. Tren Extreme is in a class of compounds that we refer to as non-aromatizing. This simply means that there is no conversion to estrogen which can result in water retention, gynocomastia and other negative and adverse side effects. Tren is extremely clean and produces rapid gains in size, vascularity and overall conditioning. It's an excellent addition for anyone on a cutting cycle and can be combined with Testobolan or Epistane for what could easily be called the most potent hardening and defining cycle available.

  • Equigain Single Compound

    Equigain Single Compound


    Supplement Facts

    Equigain is a remarkable new pro hormone compound that has characteristics that no other pro hormone has. First off all Equigain's principal compounds have what's referred to as a "Favorable Effect on Nitrogen Balance." In layman's terms this simply means that it will allow the body to utilize and synthesize protein at a much higher rate than without it. This of course will result in a moderate and even gain in muscle tissue while helping the user stay very lean. Users will notice that they also have an increased appetite which makes it a great compound for those who need to put on lean tissue. Ideally, Equigain would be used with another anabolic pro hormone such as TestoJet or Tren. The nice part of this is that these gains are permanent as long as the user maintains an intense workout program, follows our standard PCT and also continues to eat accordingly. Because Equigain does not convert to estrogen and therefore holds no water it can be used for up to 8 weeks for best results and can be stacked or used as a stand alone agent. We have added Milk Thistle, Long Jack and NAC for complete liver support and health while on Equigain.

  • Stenabol Single Stacking Agent

    Stenabol Single Stacking Agent


    Supplement Facts

    Stenabol is what is referred to as a single stacking agent. Basically as a stacking agent it is designed to be used with any other pro hormone in our line. Simply stated, Stenabol will amplify the effect of any other pro hormone by adding an additional mass and strength agent to the cycle. Because it is non-aromatizing it works well for both bulking or dieting. Initial results show that those who use Stenabol while on a cutting cycle with Epistane and or Tren will actually hold on to and build additional lean muscle while dropping fat. Those who are bulking with Testojet or Tren can add Stenabol to help "Solidify" the gains that they are making. Basically this means that they are making the lean muscle more dense and solid which will result in longer and more permanent gains. Stenabol has a unique property that no other pro hormone has. This is the ability to give the muscles more blood volume during and after training. Stenabol users report what's referred to as "The Perpetual Pump." The perpetual pump simply means that the muscles stay full and pumped as if you had just worked out 24/7. This awesome effect gives the muscular system nice dimension and fullness which is very obvious when wearing a t-shirt and even more obvious when out of a t-shirt. Stenabol also has a "regeneration" property. Essentially muscles tend to recovery faster after workouts and the recuperation and healing process leads to faster gains and less time needed between workouts. Stenabol is superb for any individual who is using Tren or Epistane or both to lean out and get sliced but is ready for the extra push that will keep them building and drying muscle out while they cut up. Stenabol is best taken for 4-8 weeks followed by an adequate Post Cycle Therapy. We have added Milk Thistle, Long Jack and NAC for complete liver support and health while on Stenabol.

  • Decabolan



    Supplement Facts

    Decabolan has two principal agents which are both responsible for increasing lean muscle tissue and improving the amount of protein the muscle accumulates and assimilates into the cell. Like it's sister compound Equigain, it becomes an awesome product to stack with any bulking agent like Testojet, Tren or even Testobolan. It will help increase dry lean muscle gains and offers the user something that will not only help overall muscular development and growth but also aid in the healing of joint and connective tissue. Most users can enjoy pain free training while using Decabolan because it drives fluid into the joints which will help promote healing and wellness. Decabolan also helps creates muscle fullness and roundness which gives the users a more muscular appearance but without added water retention between the skin and the muscle. One of the most effective stacks available would be the combination of Testojet, Decabolan and Stenabol. This stack would easily add 15-20lbs of lean dense tissue to a user in just 5 short weeks. Decabolan, if used alone, can and will produce noticeable results to the tune of 5-6lbs a month but for best results it's almost always used in a stack. Decabolan can be used for up to 8 weeks for best results. We have added Milk Thistle, Long Jack and NAC for complete liver support and health while on Decabolan.

  • NEW!

    Epishred - Epidrol Cutting & Hardening Formula - 90ct

    Epishred - Epidrol Cutting & Hardening Formula - 90ct.


    Supplement Facts

    EpiShred is a unique blend of three of the most effective PH ingredients on the planet. The first is Epidrol and the second is Superdrol and the third is Hexadrone. These three compounds work in unison to provide not only gains in lean muscle but also to accelerate fat loss from the midsection and other areas where fat may have accumulated. The beauty of the EpiShred Formula is in it's ability to keep water retention and wet gains to a minimum while at the same time increasing lean tissue. This is because of the novel anti-water and shredding ingredients that have also been added to the product. EpiShred can be taken at doses of 2 caps or even 3 caps per day. This affordable yet shockingly effective formula will have your abs and veins coming through in no time. For an even stronger effect try adding EpiShred with Tren or TetraLean. This would be the most intense and effective "Shredding and Peeling" stack ever. EpiShred will definitely get heads turning and people talking!
  • Mass Caps

    Mass Caps - Extreme Size, Crazy Vascularity and Fullness, Incredible Mass & Strength - 90ct.

    ( 6 Week Cycle)


    Supplement Facts

    Mass Caps are a unique blend of over 4 poweful PH compounds in one single formula.. Mass Caps are for that guy who wants to put on a serious amount of muscle and size in a very short amount of time. This unique blend offers the user the ability to feel fullness and pumps from day 3 on. This formula was so strong that our initial thought was to not introduce it, but with the PyroLabs line we wanted something for the more serious and seasoned user that required a PH Blend with more bang for the buck! Mass Caps are that product. The strength gains on this product are for real! The tissue you put on with this product is crazy and you will need a new wardrobe in just 6 weeks! For the ultimate in size, mass and power try combining Mass Caps with Mass Suspension, Tren or Testojet! Gains in the area of 25-35lbs are likely in 6-8 weeks. This is probably one of the strongest formulations that you have ever tried and novices are encouraged to use 2 pills per day while experienced users can up the dose to 3 capsules per day.

  • Trenabol XS

    Trenabol XS

    4 Week Cycle

    Supplement Facts

    If you were to ask us what our most tried and true pro-hormone compound was we could easily say without a doubt TREN. Tren has proven itself for it's ability to produce solid, hard tissue gains..These are the gains that make your muscle look like "Granite" when you flex. No water, No Fat just solid tissue. TREN has been a tried and true product for years but we decided to make it just a tad better with our new "PyroLabs" Trenabol XS. Trenabol XS has a solid dose of TREN plus a solid dose of two other state of the art compounds designed to illicit "SYNERGY" and improve the overall effect. Uers of TRENABOL XS are reporting gains of 15-18lbs in as little as 30 days and this is without added water retention. The beauty of TRENABOL XS is also in it's ability to block estrogen while on cycle. This means dense hard muscle with no water weight and no estrogen related bloat. If your after a hard, dry look and you're ready to take your cycling to a new level then TRENABOL XS is exactly what you've been after..TRENABOL XS stacks well with any mass or cutting compound and will help amplify the results of all other pro hormones. TRENABOL XS is the newest in our line of PYRO products and you will not be dissappointed with your gains. Be prepared for pumps that are so painful it's almost hard to train! We've had users tell us that they get pumped with just one set and the pump lasts all day long! Enjoy my friends!

  • Epistane 4C + Testojet 300

    Epistane 4C + Testojet 300 -Base Compound + Hardening Agent


    TestoJet Supp Facts | Epistane Supp Facts
    Strength, Size, Lean Mass, and Muscle Hardening

    This is a formidable stack for any user looking to not only gain lean mass but to also create a hard and grainy physique. Because TESTOJET creates such a substantial increase in lean muscle tissue it also has a slight water retentive property. With EPISTANE 4C added in the stack not only will the water retention be reduced but the body will appear harder, leaner and more vascular. This will produce a definite cosmetic change that will give you that sought after lean and defined muscular look which can be seen clear across the gym or bar. We recommend taking both compounds together for 4-8 weeks followed by a 4-8 week PCT cycle.

    (Note: Each bottle of Testojet 300 and Epistane 4C will supply a 4 week cycle.

  • Epistane 4C + Testobolan

    Epistane 4C + Testobolan - Base Compound + Size & Strength


    Testobolan Supp Facts | Epistane Supp Facts
    This "Super Stack" is designed to help those guys who not only want to perfect the body they already have but add just a few pounds of lean tissue as well. While the Epistane 4C will do it’s job to mature lean tissue and give it the grainy, vascular and hard look that makes people say "SICK!" The Testobolan adds the extra benefit of helping with an increase in lean dry mass while you’re leaning out. This stack is ideal for the guy who wants extremely lean tissue gain with zero water retention and at the same time wants to reduce bodyfat. The compounds in this stack are especially noted for helping users lose fat and harden up simultaneously. We recommend taking Epistane 4C with Testobolan for 4-8 weeks with a 6 week off period that will include our PCT program.

    (Note: Each bottle of Epistane 4C and Testobolan will supply a 4 week cycle.)

  • Testojet, Stenabol & Equigain

    Testojet, Stenabol & Equigain

    4 Week Cycle
    Regular Price -339.97
    Stack Price -299.99

    8 Week Cycle
    Regular Price -679.94
    Stack Price -599.98

    This could quite simply be called the "Gain and Retain Stack!" This stack is powerful combination of three of the most incredible pro hormones we offer. First we start with a base of Testojet to increase lean muscle tissue size and strength. Testojet is the go to product for a massive base of lean dense muscle and power. Then we add Stenabol to amplify the effect and give the muscles the full, round and vascular look that we all strive for. Stenabol will help push Testojet to the next level and amplify your gains. Finally we added a nice Nitrogen Enhancing Compound with Equigain which will allow the body to use more protein and solidify the muscle tissue your gaining. Equigain along with Testojet and Stenabol will radically change a users body in just 8 weeks. This cycle will have everybody wondering what the hell you're doing to get so swole so fast! This is a premier cycle so make sure you're eating well and training like an animal to get the most from it! Be sure to use a complete PCT and Cleanse for the 4-8 week period following this cycle
  • Arimi-DXproduct



    Arimi-DX Supp Facts

    It has long been understood and feared by most that running a strong pro-hormone cycle could possibly lead to water retention, estrogen build up and a bloated puffy look. With increases in circulating testosterone also come increases in circulating estrogen (the primary female hormone) which is responsible for that soft feminine appearance. With this and gyno being a worrisome matter when cycling ph's its often been suggested that a good "Anti-Aromatase" or Anti-Estrogen be used during cycle and post cycle. Until now there were really no formulas available that could help in this area. Arimi -DX is our answer to that. Arimi-DX uses a unique formula which helps limit the production of and block circulating estrogen. This leads to a harder more grainy appearance during a PH cycle and can even help users maintain a radically lower body-fat level. The beauty of Arimi-DX is that you can now use the stronger "Mass Compounds" like Mass Suspension, Testojet and Mass Caps without worrying about getting puffy and bloated. Arimi-DX also is welcomed during the PCT phase of your cycle. Because estrogen levels tend to rise post cycle we see the body get softer. This is due to a decline in testosterone and a corresponding increase in Estrogen Levels. Arimi-DX can be used Post Cycle to eliminate this and it will help increase natural testosterone levels as part of an even stronger PCT program. Arimi-DX is a "Must Have" addition to any serious PH Cycle or Post Cycle Therapy. Leaner, Harder and Denser muscle tissue will be the result of the addition of Arimi-DX to your cycle.
  • The Spartan Stackproduct

    The Spartan Stack 

    TetraLean Suspension + EpiShred + Arimi DX 

    $269.97 $225.00

    The Spartan Stack Is designed to peel fat off while helping you build some lean muscle. You will notice that your midsection starts to lean out really fast while on this cycle and that your muscles start to appear harder and dryer. You'll also notice that your overall muscle fullness is greater but without the addition of extracellular water. That means you won't look bloated but instead just lean, hard and big! You'll look closer to what an elite Cross Fit Competitor looks like or a top Physique Athlete.. It's more of a clean, sharp 300 Spartan look vs the huge massive bodybuilding look. You can expect to turn heads and get lean as hell with this nice little combo Everyone has different goals but this is what some guys prefer and that's what this stack will do!


  • The Lattamier Stackproduct

    The Lattamier Stack 

    TetraLean Suspension + EpiShred + Arimi DX + Tren

    $369.94 $310.00

    Everything that was said about the Spartan Stack is still true about The Lattamier except with this stack you'll notice even greater muscle and lean tissue growth. This of course is because of the addition of Tren. Tren will cause more of a size increase but of course without the added water and bloat that accompanies other pro hormones. We've added Tren to the other compounds to help give guys a bigger fuller appearance while at the same time keeping them lean. This is ideal for guys who want to be bigger and fuller than the typical model/physique type but of course still want to be as hard, dry and shredded as them. Hence: "Lattamier…Huge Guy from the movie "The Program" This stack is guaranteed to build size, produce incredible lean tissue hardness and help eliminate bloating, water and fat accumulation. This is a very nice stack! Depending on your ultimate goal, this may be just perfect for you!


  • Tren, Stenabol & Decabolan

    Tren, Stenabol & Decabolan

    4 Week Cycle
    Regular Price - 305.97
    Stack Price - 285.00

    8 Week Cycle
    Regular Price - 611.94
    Stack Price - 570.00

    This could quite simply be called the "Gain and Retain Stack!" This stack is powerful combination of three of the most incredible pro hormones we offer. First we start with a base of Testojet to increase lean muscle tissue size and strength. Testojet is the go to product for a massive base of lean dense muscle and power. Then we add Stenabol to amplify the effect and give the muscles the full, round and vascular look that we all strive for. Stenabol will help push Testojet to the next level and amplify your gains. Finally we added a nice Nitrogen Enhancing Compound with Equigain which will allow the body to use more protein and solidify the muscle tissue your gaining. Equigain along with Testojet and Stenabol will radically change a users body in just 8 weeks. This cycle will have everybody wondering what the hell you're doing to get so swole so fast! This is a premier cycle so make sure you're eating well and training like an animal to get the most from it! Be sure to use a complete PCT and Cleanse for the 4-8 week period following this cycle

Let’s make this simple, when you use any type of prohormone or pre-cursor to testosterone you must conclude your cycle with post-cycle therapy. Think of it this way, if you put on 10-15 pounds of lean, dry tissue during your cycle it’s going to be advantageous to keep it right? When you drop the pro-hormone at the end of 4-8 weeks your body will have to "re-adapt" to it’s natural status and begin producing adequate testosterone again. If there is a "LAG-TIME" from the point you finished your cycle to the point your body begins producing testosterone in normal amts again what will happen? You will lose your hard earned 10-15lbs of muscle.

This can be reversed if you start your P.C.T. (Post Cycle Therapy) immediately upon finishing your last day of pro-hormone treatment. Our blend of post cycle therapy products have clinical studies backing the ingredients which have shown increases in testosterone levels by up to 45% in just 15 days! Our PCT products produce such good results that we have a number of men who use these as an alternative to pro-hormone treatment to increase testosterone levels naturally.

However, if you’re coming off a pro-hormone cycle it’s recommended that you use our "Tri-Fecta Stack" as your post cycle therapy! This stack guarantee’s your ability to increase natural testosterone rapidly and more importantly help you retain 70-80% of the lean muscle you built while on your cycle.


  • Testoplex



    Supplement Facts

    Testoplex can be used as a standalone product to help increase natural testosterone levels. Its ingredients include a blend of Tribulus Terrestris and a zinc and magnesium blend which help increase natural levels of testosterone. Some users will try this product before using a pro-hormone to produce elevated testosterone without a chemical base.

  • PCT



    Supplement Facts

    Post Cycle Therapy is designed to be used as part of our post cycle "Tri-Fecta" Stack, however because it works to create a lower estrogen level throughout the body and reduce water retention some users find it beneficial to take during the entire Pro-Hormone Course. This is a popular "trick" among bodybuilding and male physique competitors who must maintain an ultra crisp and dry appearance.

  • TDrive



    Supplement Facts

    T-Drive is our D-Aspartic Acid product. D-Aspartic Acid has multiple clinical studies showing its ability to increase testosterone by over 35%. Some users will report a noticeable difference in strength, libido, overall wellness and energy in as little as 10 days. This can be used as a stand alone product or it can be combined with Testoplex to create a very nice "Natural Testosterone Stack."We have many drug tested competitors who use T-Drive with Testoplex and PCT to create a natural testosterone elevation that will not cause any problems with drug tested organizations or sports. This is simply helping the body do a better job of what it naturally does on its own.

  • PCT PLUSproduct



    This is our new PCT PLUS package that has all the benefits of our regular PCT "Tri-Fecta" Stack but also with the addition of our new Anti Estrogen and Testosterone Enhancement Product Arimi-DX. Arimi-DX will help eliminate estrogen rises that naturally occur when you finish a pro hormone cycle. These bumps in estrogen can start to create a softer appearance in the body and destroy some of the hard earned gains you achieved. Arimi-DX blocks this and help get the body's test levels climbing fast! Use concurrently during and post cycle for at least 4 weeks to ensure you keep a solid, lean and hard appearance even after your cycle is over.

  • Testoplex + T-Drive + PCT

    Testoplex + T-Drive + PCT


    Tri-Fecta-Stack Recommend for Post Pro-Hormone Use

    This is our very best stack for increasing natural testosterone levels post cycle. Each product plays a crucial role in helping re-boot the body’s natural testosterone levels. Testoplex uses Bulgarian tribulus and a host of other extremely powerful ingredients to basically tell the body to produce testosterone. The next product is PCT, a post cycle product designed to help keep estrogen levels down (estrogen levels tend to go up after a pro-hormone cycle giving the body a soft and watery appearance) PCT eliminates this and keeps the body hard and even helps you get leaner. Lastly we’ve added T-Drive which uses D-Aspartic Acid which has clinical studies proving its effectiveness in as little as 4-5 weeks. This amino acid which was just brought to market in 2010/2011 has been a breakthrough in supplementation and has really surprised us all at the company. We’ve had guys literally retain 90% of their gains even up to 24 weeks after terminating all pro-hormones! "This is huge.." Think about it.. If you’re able to gain 15lbs per cycle and then retain 10lbs and then do that 2x per year..That’s 20lbs per year that you’ve been able to build and keep! We recommend using the Tri-Fecta stack for at least 8 weeks post cycle!

    (NOTE: Each bottle contains a 30 day supply when taken according to directions)

  • Pure Cleanse

    Pure Cleanse (8 Day Flush and Detoxification)


    Supplement Facts

    Once you have completed your pro-hormone cycle and have began your PCT Therapy you should consider using an 8 day detoxification and flush protocol. This protocol focuses on detoxifying the kidney, liver, blood stream, cardiovascular system and all vital organs. Your organs can be placed under stress during the use of any anabolic or pro-hormone cycle and the 8 Day Flush and Detoxification product (Pure Cleanse) will help to restore these organs to optimal health. The Pure Cleanse Flush and Detoxification System uses 100% Natural Aloe Vera, Nopal and Flax Oils in a precise blend to offer support in regaining system health. The suggested use is 2 capfuls in the morning and 2 capfuls before bed. This product should remain refrigerated and can be mixed with a juice or taken alone.

  • Livershield



    Supplement Facts

    Liver Shield is meant to do just that, protect your liver against the rigors of supplementation, medication and other by products that may be causing toxic stress on this vital "filtering organ." The principal ingredients in Liver Shield were designed to restore "functional efficiency" to the liver and help restore proper liver health. Literally hundreds of European studies have shown the ability of Milk Thistle at 80% Silymarin to help in protecting and shielding the liver from chemical pollutants, alcohol, and other environmental stressors. Some studies have shown that it no only protects the liver but also helps the liver cells regenerate.NAC or N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine is also used in the formula as a potent producer of glutathione, a critical part of the body's defense system. Liver shield also combines ALA, Phosphatidylcholine and Tumeric to further re-inforce the blends potency. If you are using any type of pro-hormone, hormone, medication or over indulge in food or alcohol this Liver Shield is a must for liver support and protection. Suggested Use: 1 capsule 2 x per day.

Based on the actual feedback and results of our formulations, we have decided to take our product offerings to an entire new level with the addition of Super Stack Programs which allow for our clients to achieve what was never before thought possible in just 8 weeks!! Our Pro-Hormone formulas, which have become synonymous with REAL RESULTS GUARANTEED EVERY TIME, can be used in different ways to enhance the end result desired by each user. When "STACKED" and combined with additional compounds for safety, protection and hormonal restoration after a cycle, we can easily push the boundaries of what was originally thought possible and offer our clients results that can only be described as breathtaking!

  • 12 Week Monster Maker Stack

    12 Week Monster Maker Stack


    2 - Mass Suspension - $278.00
    3 - TestoJet 300 - $278.00
    3 - Stenabol - $200.00
    3 - Liver Shield - $80.00
    Reg Price - $947.00

    Super Monster Stack Price - $739.00

    (That's Over 200 Off!)

    This is the Ultimate Mass and Size Stack.. The typical muscle gain from this stack will easily be over 30lbs. There is nothing stronger period! It will blow you up like nothing ever before. People will notice a difference and people will notice your "ON."

    Do not engage in this cycle if your a beginner or if you're not ready for ridiculously large increases in muscle size, strength and power. The Mass Suspension is the base of the cycle and will add a substantial amount of lean muscle tissue rather quickly. You will see increases in arm size, chest size and leg size very rapidly.

    The testojet is added as an adjunct to help back up the liquids and make sure that the gains are more than substantial. Stenabol is stacked on top as a single stacking agent to help increase overall density and muscle maturity through the 12 week cycle.

    Be assured this cycle will take you past any "Sticking Point" and you will without a doubt raise eyebrows everywhere you go. If your goal is un-adulterated lean, thick and dense tissue then you will not a find a more potent cycle anywhere ever! Get ready to turn into a Monster! And get ready to buy a new wardrobe!

  • 12 Week Peeling, Shredding & Conditioning Stack

    12 Week Peeling, Shredding & Conditioning Stack


    2 - TetraLean Suspension- $280.00
    3 - Tren Extreme- $300.00
    3 - Equigain - $299.97
    3 - Liver Shield - $80.00
    Reg Price - $1070.97

    12 Week Peeling,Shredding & Conditioning Stack Price - $860.97

    (That's a 210.00 discount!)

    Let's just say you wanted to do a cycle that literally got every one you know to drop their jaw and say "WTF" when they saw you..

    Let's just say you wanted to do a cycle that literally got every one you know to drop their jaw and say "WTF" when they saw you..

    Let's just say you wanted to put on the absolute greatest amount of lean, hard dry muscle possible in 12 weeks while simultaneously shredding ridiculously large amounts of body fat in just 12 weeks.

    Let's just say you wanted to walk any where and know that you were the baddest MOFO there! Introducing the 12 week Peeling, Shredding and Conditioning Stack.

    This stack has proven to be the most hard core and intense body recomp. stack available. We have seen some brutally wicked transformations in just 12 weeks on these compounds.

    This is not a beginner stack, this is for the person who has several anabolic stacks under their belt. It will definitively change your body forever, giving you the lean hard dry and dense look that will be the envy of all. You will see a complete transformation in body composition and you will never be the same.
  • 8 Week Maximum Fat Loss

    8 Week Maximum Fat Loss, Definition and Muscle Hardening Cycle


    1 TRI-FECTA POST CYCLE (To be used after cycle)
    Includes: Free Ultra Cycle Cutting Diet, Workout Plan and Cycle Guide..

    Reg Price - 642.91

    8 Week Ultra Cycle Kit Price - $499.99

    SAVINGS OF 142.00!!

    This cycle was designed to be used by the person who is wishing to develop a lean, hard and functionally sound physique. Although the user will put on significant size and strength when using this cycle, he will simultaneously lose and shed body-fat, water and minimize estrogen which will result in a very hard and crisp appearance. Definition will be more obvious from Day 4 on and he will notice fat loss in those areas including his abdominals, lower back and arms. Vascularity and Muscle Hardening will be of noticeable difference and most people will remark that the individual looks "Dry and Grainy."

    This is the look that is most evident when combining Epistane and Tren. These are extreme physique augmentation products and the look that can be created when combining these two compounds for 8 weeks is nothing short of remarkable. As with any prohormone, lengthy time (over 12 weeks) on cycle can cause light liver stress and because of this we have added liver shield to our arsenal for the entire 8 week period. Liver shield ensures we can utilize our pro-hormone compounds for 8 weeks in a safe and effective manner. This cycle also includes a new addition to realprohormones.com which is our ECA stack formula.

    This is a hardcore Fat Burning Compound that will get you ripped and hard in just a few short weeks.This product is imported and has been brought stateside for you to enjoy the benefits of old school real ephedra (you know, the stuff that works! ) We recommend using 2 capsules per day 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon for the 60 day or 8 week on cycle period. Fat loss is literally accelerated by 50% when using our Thermacore compound and the difference in energy, body heat and overall fat loss is remarkable. Lastly we finish with our core Tri-Fecta Post Cycle Formula which should be used for approximately 30 days after your last day on pro-hormones. This will ensure optimal restoration of the hormonal axis and make sure you maintain 80-90% of your gains. This is a very precise cycle and if executed with a sound nutrition and workout plan (included) you will have drastically changed your physique in 8 weeks.
  • 8 Week Extreme Mass and Size Protocol

    8 Week Extreme Mass and Size Protocol


    Testojet x 2 - 279.98
    Tren x 2 - 199.98
    Liver Shield x 2 - 79.98
    TRI-Fecta Stack x 1 - 110.99
    Reg Price - 670.93

    Super Stack Special Price - 512.99

    Savings of 157.94

    This cycle was designed to be used by the guy looking to put on slabs of lean tissue in the shortest amount of time possible. Designed for advanced and elite bodybuilders as well as strength and power athletes who need raw power, raw strength and raw size quickly, the Extreme Mass and Size Protocol will allow for any “Hardgainer” or other individuals to achieve “Jaw Dropping” and “Attention Getting” Size in just a few short months! This cycle is a potent mass delivering cycle which will create a noticeable increase in lean dry and dense muscularity. The results of this Stack are very obvious and will have people talking and questioning your rapid size increases.

    Testojet and Tren offer the most conclusive combination for size, strength and raw power ever imagined. Within just a few short days on this cycle the user will feel noticeable differences in muscular hardness, vascularity, fullness and strength. This cycle is a favorite among professional football players, mma athletes, strength athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders who are looking to maximize size and muscle mass in the off-season. When used for 8 weeks the Extreme Mass and Size Protocol will ensure growth and overall size increases in even the most stubborn bodyparts including biceps, chest, back and legs. As with any highly Anabolic Protocol it is necessary that the user consume at least 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight in lean protein for best results. Follow this cycle for exactly 8 weeks with a high calorie, high protein diet and heavy strength training for optimal results. Once completed the cycle is concluded with the PCT Tri-Fecta Protocol to ensure maintenance of all gains and overall systemic health. The 8 Week Extreme Mass and Size Protocol is for serious and advanced lifters and trainees only. This is not a beginner’s cycle!!

  • 4 Week "Clean Gain" Cycleproduct

    4 Week "Clean Gain" Cycle


    Testojet 1 bottle
    Tren 1 bottle
    Equigain 1 bottle
    Arimi-DX 1 Bottle
    PCT 1 bottle
    TDrive 1 bottle
    Testoplex 1 bottle

    Reg Price - 500.93

    Stack Special Price - $400.00 (That's 100.00 OFF!!)

    This is what we call the "NEED RESULTS NOW" cycle.This cycle is designed to build muscle fast, 4 weeks fast!We've utilized our base product Testojet, one of the strongest prohormones' in our lineup with our tried and true TREN product. Tren combined with Testojet is a wicked combination that will create a thick dense look in the users. Every person we have put on this stack has come back in 4 weeks with at least 15lbs of added tissue on their frame! We finished the cycle with Equigain which is a very powerful compound designed to help build lean mass, control and reduce body-fat as well as harden up the physique. Equigain has the unique property of offering the user a very vascular hard look. Equigain is also an appetite stimulant which helps the user digest and absorb more calories which of course means more lean tissue! We topped the 4 week cycle off with Arimi-DX ,our proprietary Anti-Estrogen product, which pretty much eliminates estrogen related sides including water retention, gyno and or that nasty puffy appearance.We finish the cycle with our PCT program which is highly recommended for a complete 4 weeks! This 4 week cycle is ideal for athletes, cross trainers and guys who need to put on lean mass fast! Ultimately the end result will be a bigger and fuller appearance with more muscularity. Enjoy the Ride and Enjoy the Gains!

  • 4 Week (XFIT CYCLE)product

    4 Week (XFIT CYCLE)


    Tren 1 bottle
    Tetralean 1 Bottle
    EpiShred 1 Bottle
    PCT 1 bottle
    TDrive 1 bottle
    Testoplex 1 bottle
    Reg Price - 428.00

    Stack Special Price – 325.00 (That’s more than 100.00 OFF!!)

    Let’s say you knew this guy who was absolutely crushing his “Cross Fit Box.” Everyone wanted to know exactly how in the hell he was building so much lean tissue and losing so much fat simultaneously. How could he keep crushing WOD’s day in and day out and why in the heck wasn’t he tired, over trained and completely exhausted from all the work he was putting in? Well, this would be “That Guy’s Secret!” The XFIT Cycle is designed for guys who want that ripped crazy lean appearance but don’t want to sacrifice mobility, flexibility and or speed. This cycle will put on the right amount of functional muscle tissue and eliminate the possibility for bloat, water and or fat gain. In fact this cycle will keep the user getting leaner and harder day 1 through day 28! If you’re cross training and or are in a box somewhere and need the “Edge” then look no further. The XFIT Cycle is the edge you’ve been looking for. It’s the cycle that builds functional size, strength and endurance. It’s the cycle that sheds fat off the midsection and gets you to the top of your game fast! The cycle is 6 weeks in length with the Epishred and Tren being utilized for 4 weeks and the Tetralean 6 weeks. Once done with Tetralean continue with the included PCT to restore natural test levels and maintain lean muscle gains.

  • Hercules Stackproduct

    Hercules Stack


    Mass Suspension 2 Bottles
    Mass Caps 1 bottle
    Tren Extreme 1 bottle
    Arimi-DX 1 Bottle
    Arimi-DX 1 Bottle

    Reg Price - 587.95
    6 Week Hercules Stack Price - 439.99 (That's A 150.00 Dollar Discount)

    This stack is designed for serious SIZE, MASS, AND POWER. This stack is designed as 6 week protocol in which the user will experience Rapid Gains in Size, and Muscularity. It is quite typical for users to put on 19-25lbs in just 6 weeks while on this cycle. This will create a look in the user that is similar to the look of the "Rock" in Hercules. Extreme Mass with very little to no body fat at all! The addition of ArimiDx to this cycle helps eliminate water retention or estrogenic activity which results in a hard and dry type of muscle gain! If the goal is simply to add slabs of dense muscularity with a base of power and size then this cycle will achieve that! It is highly recommended that a 4 week PCT Protocol is followed once the cycle is complete as it is extremely potent and strong! The entire cycle is designed to be run at 6 weeks with the Tren only being run during the first 4 weeks! All the other products will be run for 6 weeks